The Mark of The Fae Series

In her debut series, The Mark of the Fae, M. M. Paquin takes us on a journey into a place of magic and mystery.  In this coming of age story, one teenager will be thrust into a world that most of us only dream about.  Once there her life will irrevocably change as she is forced to make life-changing decisions.  With the help of her friends, she will find the life she was destined for, and maybe even find love along the way.

The Mark of the Fae Book One:
The Gateway

For some people, the draw to be surrounded by nature is strong. For Shaylah Derry, that’s exactly how it is. The draw to the forest behind her house is all-consuming until one night it gets to be too much, and she finds herself at the window, staring out into the trees. The last thing she expected to see, however, is a set of eyes staring back at her.

As Shaylah’s impulse grows, so do her suspicions, until her small Oregon town becomes a town tied by secrets and fairytales...literally. With the help of her best friend and the new boys in town, Shaylah begins to unravel the secrets that have encased her family for years. And as soon as she seems to have figured it out, things get much more complicated.


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