Writing the book was the easy part

I sit here on this rainy Friday in New England working on my website, begging my teenagers for help with this thing called technology, and I think to myself "writing the book was the easy part." Now I know most people will say that writing a book is not easy...well no, it isn't. Not in the traditional sense. But the words, the worlds, and the characters are. Let me explain....

The worlds that my books take place in, the characters they portray...They are a part of me. They tell me their story, so that I, in turn, can tell you. It is like a living, breathing thing.

Getting lost in the world of imagination is nothing new for me. I have devoured books since I was a child, and the experience for me is all consuming. I can picture myself there, with the characters, on the epic journeys, feeling their heartache, joy, accomplishments and failures as if they were my own. The difference between reading a book and writing one? I have to put pen to paper and translate it so that the reader has the same experience. And I truly hope that you do.

Now, the hard part. The part that comes after. I have to have someone else edit. I am too close to the story, the characters, I am not, nor will I ever be, impartial to it or them. This is one of the most stressful parts. Not everyone is going to like it, and I have to take that into consideration. I have to be willing to accept criticism, and it is hard. This by far is the hardest part. Knowing that there are people that will not connect with the characters, that they cannot immerse themselves in this world I have created.

The next part comes with the technology. I am an author, my mind does its best work in fantasy. Now I have to create something real. Something to invite others into my world. It has to be done, but man, it is not easy. What will people see when they look at my website? An author who loves what she does, or someone who is lost in the minute details of marketing and technology.

I truly hope that it is the former, and you anticipate the release of the first book in The Mark of the Fae series as much as I do. Coming soon to an eReader near you, The Gateway.

M. M. Paquin


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