Time. Time is a funny thing. I wrote earlier that writing the book was the easy part, and that becomes more apparent to me with every day that passes. It took me sixteen months to write The Mark of the Fae: The Gateway. That seems like such a long time, but it was a labor of love, and I enjoyed every second (or at least the majority of them). Now that the book is “done”, it needs to be prepared. By that I mean all of the formatting that needs to be done. As the release date approaches (the one I hold out hope of moving up), it seems like this part of the process will take forever. Every time I think that I am done, then realize it is not quite right, it feels like I am running out of time. Do you know the scenes in movies where they speed everything up? The character is sitting there doing something, and in the background you see the sun and moon rise and set, yet the character doesn’t move? That’s me. I sit in my office, and I swear that days go by before I come up for air. I know that is not really happening, but you get what I am saying, right?

Now, back to time being a funny thing; as this mystical experience of time flying is happening, I want to WRITE! Shaylah and her friends are traipsing through my brain on their adventures, and I am setting margins. There are days that it feels like I will never get to the point where I can go back to where my heart really lies, in actually writing the book. Some days Shaylah is in my head, yelling at me, asking when we are going to get on with it. She feels ignored, and she does not like that one bit. I have to agree with her, I don’t care for it either, but I will do what needs to be done and she will just have to wait it out. According the the current voice of reason in the house, my husband, throwing the computer out the window will not solve this problem, so I refrain from doing that and just yell at it instead. Come to find out, this does not help either, but it does make me feel better. All of this being said, time and I are not friends right now. We are currently not speaking. Do you feel the same way? Leave me a comment and let me know about your adventures with time.


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