5 Days

In 5 days, The Mark of the Fae: The Gateway will go live on Amazon. In 5 days, the inner workings of my mind will be put on the internet for all to see. In 5 days, I will bare part of my soul to the world. In 5 days, my brain will probably explode.

When I set the date three months ago, it seemed like a lifetime away. There was so much to be done, so much to focus my mind on, that the reality of what I was doing did not fully sink in. Today is a different story. I have done what needed to be done, and the time is fast approaching.

While a small part of me feels some fear and insecurity, and there is an occasional churning in my stomach, the larger part of me is excited. Is that tummy churning really fear? I don't think that it is. If I am to be honest, any fear that I have felt is vastly outweighed by the excitement currently coursing through my veins.

Do I think that everyone who reads The Gateway will love it as much as I do? No. While the vast majority of my mind is comprised of fantasy worlds, I am not delusional. I know that not everyone is going to like my work, and that is okay. It makes me better at what I do. It makes me dig deeper, work harder, learn more. After all, this journey we call life is all about learning, and I hope to never stop learning new things.

I wrote a blog post, my very first one, several months ago. It was entitled: "Writing the book was the easy part", and truer words were never spoken. The past few months have been a storm of marketing, editing, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging. There were many times I thought that I was on the crazy train, going full speed ahead, with no end in sight.

Here is the kicker; I wouldn't change a thing. Not ONE. SINGLE. SECOND. It was crazy and scary. There were times I definitely thought to myself "I don't know if I can do this." But I can, and I did. So the next time you think "I don't know if I can do this", remember, you can, and you will.

In 5 days, I will share a piece of me that I have kept closely guarded, and it feels amazing. Should you choose to join in the adventure of The Gateway, I hope you love it as much as I do; but if you don't, that's okay. Please reach out and let me know why. Who better to learn from than the audience that is so very important to me.

In 5 days...Let the adventure begin!



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